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It amazes me how many choices we are faced with in today’s grocery stores. Check out the cereal aisle for starters. When I was a kid the choice my mother had was Post Toasties, Cheerios or Kelloggs Corn Flakes. Today there are so many cereals that it would take half a day to read all the labels and make a decision. Do you really there is that much difference between Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms? At best there is not a lot.
Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s our choices were few and far between. I ate enough lima beans in my Mother and Fathers household that I swore that I would never eat another lima again, Ever:  And I didn’t,  until one day about 15 years after I had left home and I got a craving for lima beans and rice. I called and got Mom’s instructions on how to prepare them and cooked them up.  As I recall they were pretty darn good.
My Mother was a food finder. Saturday was her grocery shopping day and sometimes on Friday night I would stare into the cupboard for something to munch on. Sometimes there wasn’t as much as a broken soda cracker in the house, or so it would seem. But Mom could find a meal or snack where there was slim pickings. One of my favorites was her cinnamon toast. She would spread margarine on a piece of bread, cover it with sugar and toast it. When it was done she sprinkled cinnamon on it: Eureka! We had a snack fit for a king.
Mom’s macaroni and cheese was one of my favorites. It had a crispy, hard top. She shredded the cheese with a grater and put it inside with the macaroni and sliced cheese for the top. In those days every household had a cheese grater. Now-a-days you buy cheese already shredded. The Macaroni and cheese you buy in a box these days is too mushy for me.
We had fried chicken every Sunday. We were a family of six and we had one chicken to feed the family. Trust me, every piece of that chicken, including the back, was consumed. We always had mashed potatoes and gravy and sometimes black-eyed peas to go with Sunday’s fare which we usually ate early. Mom had Sunday night off or to attend to other matters.
The meat departments in the old grocery store were pretty basic. The butchers, (we call them meat cutters today), had few cuts in their display cases. Round Steak, T-Bone and Chuck were the steaks. If you were like most folks you mostly bought the two alternatives, hamburger or chuck roast. We had roast beef about once every two weeks or so. The only steak we could afford was round steak.
I can’t complain about the diversity of foods on the market today, but I do think some people place too much value on what they put in their stomach. As my dear old Dad used to tell me, “some people live to eat, others eat to live”.   

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