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Citrus County’s prescription discount cards available on line

The Prescription Discount Card Program that county residents have
access to as a result of a partnership between the Citrus County
Commission and National Association of Counties (NACo) just got better.

The program’s free participation cards are for residents who do not
have insurance for prescription drugs or whose insurance does not cover
a specific drug. The cards, which get an average 20 percent discount,
have been distributed to and are available in most pharmacies in Citrus
County. In July, for example, Citrus residents saved $31,583 on
uninsured prescriptions.

Now, not only are the cards available online for downloading, but they
qualify residents for even more savings by getting some prescription
medication through the mail.

The convenient online option allows residents to print a dynamic ID
card with their name and an ID number on it directly from the Internet
for immediate use at any participating pharmacy. This new ID card is not
intended to replace the printed cards now in use. It’s designed to
broaden the ability of residents who don’t have insurance for
prescription drugs to use the county’s NACo Prescription Discount Card
to save money. The card is part of a discount program and is not an
insurance plan.

There is no enrollment form or no membership fee for the card, there is
no limit to use, and the cards can be used immediately for all family
members. To get a card online, residents can go to:

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